The Story Behind the Picture: Cherry Blossoms on Old Cherry Tree Trunk

March 22, 2018

Cherry Blossoms on Old Tree Trunk

Hello Spring!  

What better way to start things off than with clusters of  delicate pink and white cherry blossoms?  There is an abundance of cherry trees in town. I start getting excited in the beginning of February when the buds emerge, making mental inventory of the locations of my favorite trees.  


One favorite spot is a parking lot that is shared by a sports bar and a mini-mart gas station.  The mini-mart recently remodeled and had added a car wash to its other services.  I went to try the new laser-guided car wash.  When I  pulled around the car wash to dry my I spied some very old cherry trees that had cherry blossoms sprouting from their wizened trunks.  I had not seen anything like that before and I went in for a closer look. 


The delicate, fleeting, ethereal qualities of cherry blossoms are absolutely alluring.  I love being in the midst of cherry blossom flurries when the petals become airborne, swirl about,  and then gently fall to the ground.  One of my photographic challenges is to capture the airborne cherry blossoms.  As luck would have it, I had my trusty camera with me.  The blossoms called.  I answered. It was magic.


Another favorite shot I enjoy taking is that of the cherry blossom “carpets” – collections of fallen petals at the bases of the trees, on the street – wherever cherry blossoms gather.  The local community college campus, a bank parking, and a median strip in the historic part of town are three other places on my list of cherry blossom locations. 


The blossoms are at their peak right now so I have a few days left to work on improving my cherry blossom photography skills and maybe add a few more cherry trees to my ever-expanding photo itinerary.


Cherry Ho!


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